From champagne to WOW! Whether you need simple table linens and uniforms or something unique, we can meet your needs. PLUS, our prompt delivery – rain or shine – is one of our hallmarks.

If you want to order the best linen without the hassle of filling out order forms, please visit our online store.

Style AND service! We can help you plan and execute the perfect table for weddings, bar mitzvahs, outdoor events, and other celebrations – from simple to sizzle!

“However fast our growth and high our demands, you have always met our needs.”

– Jean Georges Vongerichten


“If The Michelin Guide awarded stars to linen companies White Plains Linen would be Three Stars!”

–David Mancini


“I have been a loyal customer to White Plains Linen for over 30 years starting with my first location, Arno Restaurant. Over the years I have added two more locations, Delmonico's Steakhouse and Delmonico's Kitchen. White Plains Linen has gone above and beyond all of my expectations.”

–Milan Licul


“White Plains Linen has continuously provided selection, service and quality, which are key components to our catering business. Our partnership has been excellent and the success is due to communication and teamwork.”

–Louis Gigante Jr.

Mulinos @ Lake Isle

“Joe Lagana and White Plains have been a pleasure with work with. They are professional, responsible, and reliable. Joe understands our needs and does what every it takes to ensure we receive superior linen service at our restaurants.”

-Josh Levine

Starr Restaurant Group

“White Plains Linen takes care of all of their clients, no matter the size of their business. We have been working with White Plains Linen for more than 20 years and have only experienced the highest quality of care. Every piece of linen is impeccably cleaned and pressed and arrives at our restaurant ready to be set on our tables.”

Ron Rosa

Polpo Restaurant

“No company staff provides the level of quality and attention to perfection as does your team of professionals.”

RJohanna Paciullo

Harlem Yacht Club

“I have worked with Joe Lagana and White Plains Linen for over 35 years and find service and quality beyond reproach.”

-Proprietor Phillipe Masson

La Grenouille

“Having seen the consolidation of commercial table linen suppliers over the past 40 years, there is no wonder that White Plains Linen has withstood the challenges of the industry. Their service and product is unquestionably superior to those who were their competitors as well as their competitors of today.”

Dean Poll Proprietor

Gallaghers Steakhouse & Loeb Central Park BoatHouse

“We are so grateful to have you as one of our strategic partners throughout the year. Without companies such as yours, we would not be able to achieve what we do, day in and day out. As a token of our gratitude we would like to send you a Holiday Barbeque Lunch delivered directly to you and your amazing team! This will include some of our favorite Great American Barbeque dishes. We are planning for delivery to your location at 4 John Walsh Boulevard, Peekskill NY on Monday, December 4th between 11am and 1pm. Thank you again for your ongoing services and partnership in 2017 and for years to come!”

-Peter Herrero Jr.

The New York Hospitality Group



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