When a one-of-a-kind event calls for an out-of-the-ordinary look, the area’s top country clubs, caterers, conference centers and restaurants turn to White Plains Linen to satisfy their special needs. Whatever the look you seek to achieve, our expert staff is available to assist you in selecting the finest specialty materials, designs and products. You will find custom imported linens, chair covers, sashes and table skirting.

All linens are hand-picked and double-inspected – “as close to perfect as linens can be,” said Michael Ritter, General Manager at Linens à la Carte. Our extensive inventory allows us to offer the industry’s most competitive prices. You will never hear the words, “Sorry, we’re out of stock.”

Contact Michael Ritter (X1603) today, and see how we can set the mood for your next event. Free consultation is by appointment, or you can Visit our new showroom,


Catering and Special Events weddings

Renting quality linens for your wedding celebration is an easy, affordable way to add elegance and style to the most important day of your life.

Select your linens when you choose your venue, because you’ll want to coordinate your linens with the décor rather than with the bridal party’s dresses. The idea is to enhance an already attractive setting.
If you want a formal, elegant look, dress chairs with chair covers and sashes.
Selecting the colors of your linens based on the season adds another great touch: pale pastels for spring; rich dark shades for winter; warm, vibrant colors for fall; and bright, crisp white or ivory damasks in the summer. Also add satin and lacelayers, which are traditional for weddings.

Whatever your needs or questions, we will be happy to help you choose the right linens for your special day. We will deliver them to your wedding venue and pick them up afterwards.

Corporate Event

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Most importantly, keep in mind the purpose of the event when selecting linens.

If you are planning a lunch or dinner that is strictly business-related, choose crisp neutral shades or the company’s colors.
When you entertain, do your best to impress! Black and white are simple and contemporary; they will be the perfect backdrop for a creative décor. If you need a more formal look, check out our specialty linens, through Linens á la Carte.
For autumn events, the rich, radiant colors of fall are the right choice. Go for combinations of gold, green, burgundy, red, and brown.
For holiday parties, select linens in the festive patterns and colors of the season. Thanksgiving calls for earth tones, such as forest green tablecloths with champagne, sandalwood or gold napkins. Blue and white are the traditional colors of Chanukah, so you can try a royal blue tablecloth with light blue or white napkins as accents. Christmas traditionally means red and green.


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When the weather is too nice to be indoors, it’s the perfect time for an all-American barbeque! Add color and zest to any outdoor feast
with checked or striped patterns.
A patriotic theme, featuring red, white, and blue, also works well for summer entertaining. Inquire about our stars & stripes.
If you are planning a Hawaiian luau, ask us for a tropical print pattern and brightly colored napkins.
For a garden lunch or weekend brunch, lace adds a subtle touch of style and elegance. Sunny yellow, fruity raspberry, and bright aqua will enhance the setting for any summer meal.

Just ask us. We can provide you with a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles for any type of outdoor event.

Table Setting

Catering and Special Events table settings

As every chef knows, presentation counts. Nothing enhances a fine dining experience like crisp, expertly laundered linen.

Try transforming your restaurant with a simple, inexpensive makeover using linens to create the perfect ambiance, look, and feel. At lunch, try a setting of color-coordinated napkins with a simple overlay tablecloth that doesn’t drape to the floor. At dinner, add sophistication to the dining room by changing to a crisp Frette linen napkin and a light, neutral-colored tablecloth that drapes to the floor and has an overlay of colored linen.

White Plains Linen | LINENS à la CARTE has been dressing the New York area’s finest tables for more than six decades. Call us. We’ll cover your tables in glory.

Private Party

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Planning a party for a special occasion? Don’t forget to call us for the linens you need to make your celebration memorable.

To celebrate a 50th anniversary, use a traditional gold satin with a coordinating organza overlay; for a 25th anniversary, use silver.
For baby showers, we have linens in the perfect shades of pink, blue, yellow, and white to help you celebrate the impending arrival.
Sports fans, dress your table with your favorite team’s colors to celebrate that winning season. Are you partial to Crimson? (Harvard)
Green? (Dartmouth) Orange? (Syracuse) Purple? (N.Y.U) Navy Blue? (Yale)

Whichever color it is, we’re on your team.


Catering and Special Events delivery

Whether you need daily, weekly or one-time service, you can count on careful, courteous and dependable delivery, seven days a week.

Our trucks deliver anywhere in the tri-state area, including New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Please call us at 1-800-825-4646 for any shipping and delivery information.


Get a taste of à la CARTE! We have our own design program to make it easier for you to decide what color scheme and design you want for your special occasion.



Get a taste of à la CARTE! We have our own design program to make it easier for you to decide what color scheme and design you want for your special occasion.